Editing for Emotion: How to Show What Your Characters Are Feeling

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One Response to Editing for Emotion: How to Show What Your Characters Are Feeling

  1. Dora says:

    Which comes FIRST the Character, or the Plot?I think they are kind of… together. Even if the chctearars or plot isn’t that fully formed yet, it’s already clear that the story couldn’t happen to anyone else, and that this person has to have this story… I think they carry each other. There can’t be one without the other. I do “clever things” with my chctearars only when I’m stuck 😀 Sometimes it opens new doors to interview your chctearars. :-)Psychological types… now, no-one’s a clean type. (That sounds pretty bad :-D)I don’t think I NEED to have my chctearars develop one way or another… but I prefer the organic type of writing. :-)Sometimes the non-consistent behavior is actually non-non-consistent… I just don’t know the character well enough, but made a mistake to assume something of my chctearars that doesn’t really fit them… I suppose I am one of those writers who don’t “create” the chctearars or plots, but are told the stories by the chctearars themselves… I’m just a medium, so to speak. I’m sure even Bella Swan could be written to be compelling. 😀 I actually find Stephenie Meyer interesting. I loath her books, but she is interesting 😀 It’s like Toni Morrison’s people. They really are not especially likable, but they are… compelling :-DOr think about Scarlett! She’s horrible, absolutely awful, nasty, selfish, hard, cruel, even stupid, but… there’s something about her, that makes one care. I suppose the “all new and shiny” good and kind Scarlett lost her appeal. She stopped being a real person. Reminds me of Carole Lombard testing for Scarlett… she was asked to be softer, and she tried and tried and tried, and just couldn’t. After she was asked, third time, to be softer, she couldn’t control her face and for a second she had the ugliest frown on her face… She just wasn’t a soft person. And Scarlett just isn’t good and kind.Haven’t read Hunger Games. Sounds like an interesting story. Very interesting. Plotters vs pantsers… Perhaps. I still believe that it’s actually the same way with both… the plotters like to have the neat notes as support for the time when writing gets tough, but they still write like pantsers. Most plotters don’t much look at the research and such while writing, that’s saved for editing and fact checking and such… or Writer’s Block 😀 And Pantsers do know more of their chctearars than they might have written on papers. I’m pretty sure pantsers know the eye color of all their chctearars, even if they’d need to think a bit longer for some. Good for you 🙂 Editing AND blogging 🙂

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